Mike ★ Alice wedding flash mob

If you’re going to surprise your life partner, make sure it’s the good kind of surprise. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding proposal or anything else, we’ll help you design and produce a truly unique event, a moment in time that your loved ones will never ever forget. Our seasoned production crew includes drone […]

Purim Photo-Party 2017

PhotoStation by Diplodocus family is a great activity for any event. And what better time for it than the Purim holiday? Lots of happy children and their smiling faces is our best reward! This time we set up our station in the square of Bat Yam. You can order PhotoStation by Diplodocus to spice up […]

Dima ★ Alina

Definitely, Dima and Alina got the most careful parents and hilarious friends. And now they all become the one beautiful family!
Mazal tov, guys! It was lot of fun!

Diplodocus Wedding Crew:
Shootings — Mike Veksel,
Alex Izmalkov
Editing — Mike Veksel