Family Photo

Family photo session

The session can take place outdoors or indoors
You receive 25 printed high-quality photos, presented in our special wooden box
Receive an additional 100 edited, hand picked photos on a wooden usb-stick

Duration of a photo session — 2 hours

Cost (including box and usb-stick): ₪1200

Hi there, it’s me, Vera, Diplodocus.Family photographer and I believe in precious of each tipped photo. It’s so much cooler than any hundreds of IMG_2546.JPG. Each photo is not just a page of family history, it’s priceless document of the whole epoch. Diplodocus.Family not just giving you a download link. We carefully choose only photos, which will be great to discover in years later. We print photos on the best paper and tenderly put them in the box with the smell of wood. Possibly the smell may go away with time, but the memories will be kept forever.